News and Announcements - 04.15.14


We've been dormant for a while, and now we're back. After some reflection, Housepig is returning focus more on our own musical endeavors, and those of close friends. The emphasis will be on smaller, more hand-crafted editions for physical releases, while also instituting streaming & downloads of new and select out-of-print releases. Rather than trying to fund the production of 500 cds (and storing them as we wait for them to sell over a period of years), expect more specialized editions of 50 or less, with free downloads for those who just want to enjoy the sounds without holding a fetish item in their hands.

Our distribution items will scale down as well - expect to see a smaller number of curated items by affiliate artists and friends, and less of a wide-ranging & ultimately schizophrenic catalog.


In tandem with our new direction, we want to clear out as much of the current distro offerings as possible. Quickly. So we've marked down 90% of the catalog to $3 or less. Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of most items, so please list alternates! Please also check the Orders page for revised shipping information, especially if you are outside the US, as our shipping rates have changed.


Pretty stoked that the fine folks at Fabrica Records asked if they could reissue the first Housepig release, Unicorn's "Playing With Light", on LP. After some careful crafting, it's out now, and we have a limited number of them available. We orginally described it like this:

A field report from an outpost at the border where droning ambience, minimalist melody and pure noise share an uneasy truce. Unicorn (featuring longtime members of Bastard Noise and Sleestak) serves up seven tracks where melodic lines skate across a surface of disturbing drones and scathing noise.

.Our pals at the mighty Aquarius Records had high praise:

Goddamn this record is beautiful. We mean seriously beautiful. So beautiful it sort of has us at a loss for words. Not at all what we were expecting as our last exposure to Unicorn was a split with Bastard Noise. But this is definitely one of the most beautiful, and satisfying ambient / drone records in recent memory. Delicate and barely there at times, thick and dense at others, but always imbued with this haunting sense of dread, and loss and loneliness. Hard to put a finger on, but the overall impression is one of longing, a melancholy sense of something missing. Very evocative. From glistening crystalline shimmers atop barely audible melodic drones, with distant freaked out guitars all hazy and indistinct, to a thick fuzzy whir over brief snippets of overheard conversations, to simple melodies constructed from distorted overblown tones, backward rhythmic swells, and high pitched cricket like skree, to gentle, sepia toned ambience beneath chiming melodies and more distant sonic wails. So completely haunting and mesmerizing.

We're very proud that we were involved in this original release, grateful for the trust and assitance from W.T. Nelson / Unicorn in putting it out (and providing a massive kickstart for Housepig as a label), and very happy to have some copies to share. LP is in a beautifully subtle sleeve with all new artwork by Nelson, and includes a digital download card.

Unicorn - Playing With Light LP

At the other end of the spectrum is a split CDR between the legendary Extreme Hair Stench and Midwest maniacs Big Fist Johnny. Extreme Hair Stench has been active for over 20 years, releasing a steady torrent of mangled noisecore to tortured ears worldwide. Big Fist Johnny features members of Capt. 3 Leg and Juhyo, with special dragged-out-of-retirement guest Jon Engman (Custodian, Foetopsy, Brodequin) on drums, featuring a calvalcade of silly song topics, broken bass strings and nearly inaudible drums due to severely mistaken recording decisions on Housepig's part. After massive audio massaging by Mortville Records head ape Andy, it's now noisy but listenable! Released in conjunction with the label SOARS and limited to 100 copies. As of this update, Housepig has less than 10 copies left - act fast!
Big Fist Johnny / Extreme Hair Stench split


We have uploaded various out of print Housepig titles on our Bandcamp page - all are available for free streaming and download. Currently featuring long-gone releases from Juhyo, Oblong Box, Lhasa Shore Leave, Nipsey Russolo and Nyarlathotep, with more coming soon. Check it out!


The next release from Housepig will be the long-awaited effort from Luasa Raelon, "Born To Burn". In keeping with our new direction, this will be issued simultaneously as a free download via our Bandcamp page, and as a limited physical release in special packaging. More details to reveal soon - to be released summer 2014.


Housepig is cleainng out rare and collectible treasures from the various collections stored here in the froxen north. These are one of a kind vintage items that don't necessarily fit the mold of Housepig Records, but might be of interest - movie posters, books, magazines, comic books and other oddball treats. These will be posted to our Etsy store - stop by and check it out.


Housepig has a YouTube channel, featuring recent live performances by Juhyo, Oblong Box, Custodian, Gnawed, Grain Belt and more, and various vintage shows from the archives by Deceased, Macabre, Abominog, Rorschach, Born Against, and many others. Check it out here - Housepig on YouTube.

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